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    Intervals of quasi-decompositionality and mechanistic explanations
    Quaderns de Filosofia 6 (1): 15. 2019.
    It is commonly assumed that the concept of mechanism is a keytool for the scientific understanding of observable phenomena. However, there is no single definition of mechanism in the current philosophy of science. In fact, philosophers have developed several characterizations of what seemed to be a clear intuitive concept for scientists. In this paper, I will analyze these philosophical conceptions of mechanism, highlighting their problematic aspects and proposing a new mechanistic approach base…Read more
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    Did the bacterium really kill the colonel? Systemic view, inter-level causation, and levels of quasi-decompositionality in mechanistic explanations
    Theoria : An International Journal for Theory, History and Fundations of Science 33 (1): 129-148. 2018.
    In this paper, we critically analyze the mechanicist approach to scientific explanation and propose to complement this view with a conception of level as interval of quasi-decompositionality. This conception allows us to metaphysically base the mechanicist proposals on characteristic systemic features. By means of concrete examples, we claim that this proposal is able to overcome some of the alleged limitations of predominant models of mechanistic explanation.
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    Intervals of Quasi-Decompositionality and Emergent Properties
    Theoria : An International Journal for Theory, History and Fundations of Science 32 (1): 89-108. 2017.
    The notion of emergence has accompanied philosophy of science since the late XIX century, claiming that in some systems there are properties in certain levels that cannot be deduced from properties of their components as seen in more fundamental levels. Throughout the XX century, emergence has been characterized by four pillars: unpredictability, novelty, restriction and downward causation. These four pillars have been related to the assumption of a hierarchical order of reality in different lev…Read more