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    Are Our Racial Concepts Necessarily Essentialist Due to Our Cognitive Nature?
    APA Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues in Philosophy 1 (19): 19-24. 2019.
    Mallon and Kelly claim that hybrid constructionism predicts, at least, that (1) racial representations are stable over time and (2) that racial representations should vary more in mixed-race cultures than in cultures where there is less racial mixing. I argue that hybrid constructionism’s predictions do not obtain and thus hybrid constructionism requires further evidence. I argue that the historical record is inconsistent with hybrid constructionism, and I suggest that humans may not be innately…Read more
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    Expression-Style Exclusion
    Social Epistemology 33 (3): 245-261. 2019.
    ABSTRACTI describe a phenomenon that has not yet been described in the epistemology literature. I label this phenomenon expression-style exclusion. Expression-style exclusion is an example of how s...