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    To Heidegger Blackwell Companions to Philosophy
    with Charles Taliaferro, William Schroeder, and Iris Marion Young
    Philosophy 29. 2005.
    Blackwell Companions to Philosophy This outstanding student reference series offers a comprehensive and authoritative survey of philosophy as a whole. Written by todays leading philosophers, each volume provides lucid and
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    William James is one of the founders of Pragmatism. _The Principles of Psychology_, is his attempt to separate metaphysics and psychology, and is his major work. _Essays in Radical Empiricism_ is James’ ontology, his theory of perception and his theory of intentionality; his full metaphysical position. Eric James provides a lively and engaging guide to these key texts, and explores their philosophical contexts, as well as their relationship to each other. He introduces: James’ unique philosophic…Read more