• A cortical network for semantics: (de)constructing the N400
    with C. Phillips and D. Poeppel
    Nature Reviews Neuroscience 9 920-933. 2008.
    Measuring event-related potentials (ERPs) has been fundamental to our understanding of how language is encoded in the brain. One particular ERP response, the N400 response, has been especially influential as an index of lexical and semantic processing. However, there remains a lack of consensus on the interpretation of this component. Resolving this issue has important consequences for neural models of language comprehension. Here we show that evidence bearing on where the N400 response is gener…Read more
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    Interaction effects in software piracy
    Business Ethics: A European Review 16 (1): 34-47. 2007.
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    Interaction effects in software piracy
    Business Ethics, the Environment and Responsibility 16 (1): 34-47. 2007.
    The paper presents an exploratory attempt to analyse self‐reported leniency toward software piracy systematically, using an approach based on empirical factors, rather than ethical factors. The empirical factors studied were: social acceptance of software piracy; the cost of original software; urgency of the subject's need for software; availability of original software; knowledge of computer software copyright law; gender; monthly household income; and education level. It provides new insights …Read more
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    An empirical study of software piracy
    Business Ethics, the Environment and Responsibility 12 (3). 2003.