KU Leuven
Institute of Philosophy
PhD, 2014
Montréal, Quebec, Canada
  •  28
    The Enjoyment of Pure Reasoning
    with Lode Lauwaert
    Philosophy Today 59 (2): 191-206. 2015.
    This paper is dedicated to a discussion of Gilles Deleuze’s Coldness and Cruelty and its special place in French Sade studies. In this text, Deleuze famously argues against the notion of ‘sadomasochism’ as a unity. Sadism and masochism are, on his view, two entirely separate and incompatible ways of making use of pain and suffering in perversion. What is less known about Deleuze’s text is that he argues, against the current in French philosophy, psychiatry, and even intuition, that the essence o…Read more
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    The Effect of Investor Sentiment on Nonprofit Donations
    with Keval Amin
    Journal of Business Ethics 1-24. forthcoming.
    Prior work shows that capital market participants including investors, analysts, and managers are all impacted by the prevailing level of investor sentiment. We extend this line of work by investigating whether the effects of sentiment spill over into the nonprofit sector by affecting donors’ spending to support moral causes. While donors are driven by ethical, altruistic, and other utility-maximizing motives, it is unclear whether behavioral biases stemming from sentiment would influence donors…Read more
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    The Effect of Large Corporate Donors on Non-profit Performance
    with Andrew R. Finley, Curtis Hall, and Stephen J. Lusch
    Journal of Business Ethics. forthcoming.
    Using a dataset of corporate philanthropic gifts of $1 million or more, we examine the influence of corporate donors on the performance of recipient non-profit organizations. We find that corporate donors positively influence NPO performance, specifically in the form of higher revenues per employee, program ratios, and fundraising returns. We find little evidence that large foundation or individual donors similarly enhance organizational performance. In additional analysis, we find that large co…Read more