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    Soft architectures for everyday life
    AI and Society 26 (2): 123-128. 2011.
    Technologies not only change “external reality” but also change our internal consciousness, shaping the way we experience the world. As the reality of intelligent environments is upon us—ushered along with the age of ubiquitous computing—we must be careful that the ideology these technologies embody is not blindly incorporated into the environment. As disciplines, engineering and computer science make implicit assumptions about the world that conflict with traditional modes of cultural productio…Read more
  • Betrachtungen aus der spekulativen Weltweisheit
    with Markus Herz, H. P. Delfosse, and B. Nehren
    Revue Philosophique de la France Et de l'Etranger 182 (1): 79-80. 1992.