• Genome sequence of Frateuria aurantia type strain , a xanthomonade isolated from Lilium auratium Lindl
    with I. Anderson, H. Teshima, M. Nolan, A. Lapidus, H. Tice, T. G. Del Rio, J. F. Cheng, C. Han, R. Tapia, S. la GoodwinPitluck, K. Liolios, K. Mavromatis, I. Pagani, N. Ivanova, N. Mikhailova, A. Pati, A. Chen, K. Palaniappan, M. Land, M. Rohde, J. C. Detter, M. Göker, T. Woyke, J. Bristow, J. A. Eisen, V. Markowitz, P. Hugenholtz, N. C. Kyrpides, and H. P. Klenk
    Frateuria aurantia Swings et al. 1980 is a member of the bispecific genus Frateuria in the family Xanthomonadaceae, which is already heavily tar-geted for non-type strain genome sequencing. Strain Kondô 67T was initially identi-fied as a member of 'Acetobacter aurantius', a name that was not considered for the ap-proved list. Kondô 67T was therefore later designated as the type strain of the newly pro-posed acetogenic species Frateuria aurantia. The strain is of interest because of its triterpen…Read more