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    Retranslating The Second Sex into Finnish : Choices, Practices, and Ideas
    In Bonnie J. Mann & Martina Ferrari (eds.), On ne naît pas femme: on le devient : The Life of a Sentence, Oxford University Press. pp. 331-354. 2017.
    Finnish is one of the few existent Finno-Ugric languages, a language without articles, and with only one, genderless word for the pronouns “she” and “he”. Due to this, the problems faced by the Finnish translators of The Second Sex differed in some ways from those discussed after the publication of the new English translation. This chapter describes the genesis of the second, unabridged Finnish translation, the choices made by the translators as well as the philosophical interpretations motivati…Read more
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    Within the field of philosophy, animals have traditionally been studied from two perspectives: that of self-knowledge and that of ethics. The analysis of the differences between humans and animals has served our desire to understand our own specificity, whereas ethical discussions have ultimately aimed at finding the right way to treat animals. This dissertation proposes a different way of looking at non-human animals: it investigates the question of how non-human animals appear to us humans in …Read more
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    “Inner Speech” as a Space of Inter-subjectivity
    Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy 39 95-99. 2018.
    While philosophers generally agree that there can be no direct experience of the foreign consciousness, Simone de Beauvoir argues that literature makes it possible for us to enter the Other’s world. I will investigate the ways in which the position of the other and the position of the self-become one in the literary experience. Using phenomenology of the body as my point of departure, and analyzing the differences and convergences between verbal and literary communication acts, I will argue that…Read more
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    Phenomenology and the Study of Animal Behavior
    In Christian Lotz & Corinne Painter (eds.), Phenomenology and the Non-Human Animal, Springer. pp. 75--84. 2007.