• University of Helsinki
    Department of Philosophy (Theoretical Philosophy, Practical Philosophy, Philosophy in Swedish)
    Post-doctoral fellow
University of Helsinki
Department of Philosophy (Theoretical Philosophy, Practical Philosophy, Philosophy in Swedish)
PhD, 2011
Helsinki, Finland
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    The Study of Animal Behavior and Phenomenology
    In Christian Lotz & Corinne Painter (eds.), Phenomenology and the Non-Human Animal, Springer. 2007.
    The article investigates the possibilities of phenomenology to contribute to the study of animal behaviour, and, respectively, asks how and on what grounds phenomenology can benefit from the research done within empirical sciences. The theoretical point of departure is Maurice Merleau-Ponty's The Structure of Behavior and the essay "The Metaphysical in Man".
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    This open access book explores the gendered reality of learning philosophy at the university level, investigating the ways in which women and minority students become alienated from the social practices of a male-dominated field, and examining pedagogical solutions to this problem. It covers the roles and the interactions of the professor and student in the following ways: (1) the historical situation, (2) the affective, social and bodily situation, and (3) the moral situation. This text analyze…Read more
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    The aim of this article is twofold. Firstly, it explicates Simone de Beauvoir’s views on literature as a means of communication. Secondly, it draws from her theoretical framework to illuminate the discussion on mortality and death in a poem by an ancient Greek woman epigrammatist, Anyte. These two goals are combined by the fact that for Beauvoir one of the most important tasks of literature was to break down the solitude of human existence by sharing the most intimate and painful experiences, su…Read more
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    Analyzing Darkness and Light: Dystopias and Beyond (edited book)
    with Martta Heikkilä and Irina Poleshchuk
    BRILL. 2023.
    The book explores the possibilities and limitations of dystopian imagination, asking if visions of horrific futures help us decide upon the best course of action, or if they paralyse us and prevent us from engaging in social transformation.
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    Empatia moraalisen toimijuuden perustana
    Ajatus 76 (1): 315-330. 2019.
    Artikkelissani syvennyn Elisa Aaltolan teoksen Varieties of Empathy avaamiin kysymyksiin empatian luonteesta ja merkityksistä. Analysoin Aaltolan tapaa jakaa empatia erilaisiin muotoihin ja kysyn, tuleeko nämä muodot ymmärtää toisensa poissulkevina vai osittain päällekkäisinä kategorioina. Tämän lisäksi pohdin, missä määrin empatia voidaan jäsentää yhtäältä ”hyväksi ja hyödylliseksi” tai vaihtoehtoisesti ”pahaksi ja haitalliseksi”, ja voidaanko empatiaa ”käyttää” tahdonalaisesti, kuten kirjassa …Read more
  • When Living Is Only Not Dying
    Simone de Beauvoir Studies 31 (1): 105-126. 2020.
    This article examines the intertwining of oppression, animality, and biological life in Simone de Beauvoir’s concept of immanence. Analyzing the roots of this discussion in G.W.F. Hegel’s philosophy and tracing its development from Pyrrhus and Cineas to The Second Sex, the author suggests that Beauvoir’s insight that oppression involves a deprivation of transcendence is of lasting value, whereas her concept of immanence remains problematic.
  • Margaret A. Simons, Rebel at Heart
    Simone de Beauvoir Studies 31 (2): 317-335. 2021.
    In this interview, Margaret A. Simons describes her path to philosophy and existentialism, her struggles in the male-dominated field in the 1960s and 1970s, and her political activism in the civil rights and women’s liberation movements. She also discusses her encounters with Simone de Beauvoir and Beauvoir’s refusal to own her philosophical originality, suggesting that Beauvoir may have adopted a more conventional narrative of a female intellectual to circumvent the public’s resistance to her r…Read more