•  238
    Reconsidering Hamartia as “Sin” in 1 Corinthians
    Method and Theory in the Study of Religion 26 340-364. 2014.
    Harmatia as Sin
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    Valuing Nature for Wellbeing: Narratives of Socio-ecological Change in Dynamic Intertidal Landscapes
    with Merryn Thomas, Nick Pidgeon, and Karen Henwood
    Environmental Values 30 (4): 501-523. 2021.
    Contributing to the cultural ecosystem services literature, this paper draws on the in-depth place narratives of two coastal case-study sites in Wales to explore how people experience and understand landscape change in relation to their sense of place, and what this means for their wellbeing. Our place narratives reveal that participants understand coastal/intertidal landscapes as complex socio-ecological systems filled with competing legitimate claims that are difficult to manage. Such insights…Read more