• Magnetic phase diagram of the ferromagnetic Kondo-lattice compound CeAgSb 2 up to 80 kbar
    with V. A. Sidorov, N. A. Frederick, J. R. Jeffries, S. Nakatsuji, N. O. Moreno, J. D. Thompson, M. B. Maple, and Z. Fisk
    Electrical resistivity and ac-calorimetric measurements reveal a complex magnetic phase diagram for single crystals of the ferromagnetic Kondo-lattice compound CeAgSb2 at high pressures up to 80 kbar. The ferromagnetic order at TC = 9.6 K at ambient pressure is completely suppressed at a critical pressure PC = 35 kbar. Another magnetic transition, possibly antiferromagnetic, found above 27 kbar, attains a maximum value TN 6 K at 44 kbar and then appears to be completely suppressed by 50 kbar. Th…Read more