University of Warsaw
Institute of Philosophy
PhD, 2002
Springfield, Illinois, United States of America
Areas of Specialization
Areas of Interest
  •  4
    Dialogue and Universalism 20 (3-4): 5-5. 2010.
  •  21
    The Architecture of One Painting
    Dialogue and Universalism 20 (3-4): 51-53. 2010.
  • Malowanie filozofii. Drzeworyty Arthura C. Danto
    Estetyka I Krytyka 21 25-44. 2011.
  •  1
    The Philosophy of Arthur C. Danto
    with Arthur C. Danto, David Reed, Sean Scully, Thomas Rose, and Gerard Vilar
    Open Court. 2013.
    Arthur C. Danto is the Johnsonian Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Columbia University and the most influential philosopher of art in the last half-century. As an art critic for the Nation and frequent contributor to other widely read outlets such as the New York Review of Books, Danto also has become one of the most respected public intellectuals of his generation. He is the author of some two dozen important books, along with hundreds of articles and reviews that have been the center of bot…Read more
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    Sztuka i krytyka według Arthura C. Danto
    Estetyka I Krytyka 2. 2002.
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    Człowiek i artysta. Wywiad z Henrykiem Musiałowiczem
    with Henryk Musiałowicz
    Estetyka I Krytyka 1 (6). 2004.
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    Dialektyka twórczości-dynamizm a wartość
    Estetyka I Krytyka 2 (5): 174-181. 2003.
  • Francisa Sparshotta obrona estetyki jako nauki o pięknie
    Estetyka I Krytyka 1 (1): 163-170. 2001.
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    Author: Bogusz-Bołtuć Ewa Title: WŁADYSŁAW TATARKIEWICZ’S DISJUNCTIVE DEFINITION OF ART. IN ANALYTIC PHILOSOPHY OF ART (Władysława Tatarkiewicza alternatywna definicja sztuki a analityczna filozofia sztuki) Source: Filo-Sofija year: 2011, vol:.13/14, number: 2011/2-3, pages: 591-600 Keywords: WŁADYSŁAW TATARKIEWICZ, ALTERNATIVE DEFINITION OF ART, DISJUNCTIVE DEFINITION OF ART, BERYS GAUT Discipline: PHILOSOPHY Language: POLISH Document type: ARTICLE Publication order reference (Primary author’s …Read more