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    Informed consent in Turkey
    Journal of Medical Ethics 23 (3): 192-192. 1997.
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    Bioethics regulations in Turkey
    Journal of Medical Ethics 25 (5): 404-407. 1999.
    Although modern technical and scientific developments in medicine are followed closely in Turkey, it cannot be claimed that the same is true in the field of bioethics. Yet, more and more attention is now being paid to bioethics and ethics training in health sciences. In addition, there are also legal regulations in bioethics, some of which are not so new. The objective of these regulations is to provide technical and administrative control. Ethical concerns are rather few. What attracts our atte…Read more
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    Rights of patients in developing countries: the case of Turkey
    Journal of Medical Ethics 30 (6): 555-557. 2004.
    Patient rights are universal values which we have to adopt. It is not so easy, however, to put such values and principles into effect. As approaches and attitudes differ from individual to individual, from society to society, and from country to country, a uniform application of these values is difficult. If we want to reach a general conclusion about the status of patient rights in the world as whole, we should examine the situation in individual countries. As far as Turkey is concerned, we can…Read more