University Of Alcalá. Madrid.
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    The traditional presentation about historical time-passing consists in a linear succession of facts in which some aspects of the lifeworld evolve from others in anirreversible manner. The presentation of change is connected to the presentation of gradual or revolutionary linear changes that areirrevocable. I believe that this presentation could be considered correct for living organisms, but does not take account of some important aspects of demonstrative presentations about artefacts and techno…Read more
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    Broken Technologies (edited book)
    Lund University. 2011-2015.
    There are many possible definitions of “technology” and I will discuss some of these in this book. However, in this introduction let me use a definition of Svante Lindqvist who defines technology very intuitively as “those activities, directed towards the satisfaction of human wants, which produce change in the material world.” He says also “the distinction between human “wants” and more limited human “needs” is crucial, for we do not use technology only to satisfy our essential material require…Read more
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    The Informational Foundation of the Human Act (edited book)
    Servicio de Publicaciones Universidad de Alcalá. 2018.
    This book is the result of a collective research effort performed during many years in both Sweden and Spain. It is the result of attempting to develop a new field of research that could we denominate «human act informatics.» The goal has been to use the technologies of information to the study of the human act in general, including embodied acts and disembodied acts. The book presents a theory of the quantification of the informational value of human acts as order, opposing the living order aga…Read more
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    Tecnologías rotas (edited book)
    Lund University Press. 2009.
    Existen muchas definiciones posibles de “tecnología” y discutiré algunas de estas en este libro. Sin embargo, en esta introducción, usaré una definición intuitiva de tecnología: "aquellas actividades, dirigidas hacia la satisfacción de las necesidades humanas, "que producen cambios en el mundo material". En consecuencia, desde esta perspectiva, una tecnología "rota" podría definirse como aquellas actividades, dirigidas hacia la satisfacción de los deseos humanos destinados a producir cambios en…Read more
  • Líneas generales para la construcción de una Enciclopedia de Tecnologías Rotas
    El Catoblepas: Revista Crítica Del Presente. 2009.
    Primer nivel de ruptura