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    Note a margine di Politiche della storia di Jeffrey Andrew Barash
    Archivio di Storia Della Cultura 23 443-452. 2010.
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    Logica metafisica politica. Hegel a Jena di Luigi Ruggii
    with Giuseppe Cantillo and Tommaso Pierini
    Iride: Filosofia e Discussione Pubblica 23 (3): 691-708. 2010.
  • Footnotes on Jeffrey Andrew Barash’s Politiques de l’histoire
    Archivio di Storia Della Cultura 23. 2010.
    The paper analyzes J.A. Barash’s Politiques de l’histoire, and brings into question the author’s reconstruction of German historical thought, which is considered as propaedeutical to the spread of the “fascist” totalitarian nationalism. Barash’s opposition between a good and a bad Historicism, stemming from an alleged distinction between Ranke’s and Treitschke’s thought, is here discussed and brought into question too. The relationship between the emergence of the anti-Semitic nationalism and th…Read more