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    Corporate Remediation of Human Rights Violations: A Restorative Justice Framework
    with Maximilian J. L. Schormair
    Journal of Business Ethics 167 (3): 475-493. 2020.
    In the absence of effective judicial remediation mechanisms after business-related human rights violations, companies themselves are expected to establish remediation procedures for affected victims and communities. This is a challenge for both companies and victims since comprehensive company-based grievance mechanisms are currently missing. In this paper, we explore how companies can provide effective remediation after human rights violations. Accordingly, we critically assess two different ap…Read more
  • Uso del aula invertida para el desarrollo de la autonomía y pensamiento crítico
    Human Review. International Humanities Review / Revista Internacional de Humanidades 11 (Monográfico): 1-13. 2022.
    Actualmente la educación requiere la autonomía en el aprendizaje de los alumnos. Por ello, se realizó la siguiente investigación usando el aula invertida como metodología para mejorar la autonomía de los alumnos en materias como Desarrollo Humano, Instrumentos de Evaluación y Estrategias de Enseñanza de la Lengua Inglesa.Desde septiembre de 2021, los alumnos del programa educativo de Técnico Superior Universitario en Lengua Inglesa, trabajaron de manera híbrida, por esta razón, la metodología de…Read more
  • Background: The proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation reciprocal contraction pattern has the potential to increase the maximum rate of torque development. However, it is a more complex resistive exercise task and may interfere with improvements in the maximum rate of torque development due to motor skill learning, as observed for unidirectional contractions. The purpose of this study was to examine the cost-benefit of using the PNF exercise technique to increase the maximum rate of torque de…Read more
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    ‘Defrosting’ music chills with naltrexone: The role of endogenous opioids for the intensity of musical pleasure
    with Bruno Laeng, Guro Løseth, Marie Eikemo, Gernot Ernst, and Siri Leknes
    Consciousness and Cognition 90 (C): 103105. 2021.
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    Student funding and university access after the great war: The scheme for the higher education of ex-servicemen at aberystwyth, liverpool and oxford
    with Daniel Laqua and Georgina Brewis
    British Journal of Educational Studies 68 (5): 589-609. 2020.