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    Liangjie Shu 《兩界書》 . By Shi Er
    Journal of Chinese Philosophy 45 (1-2): 125-130. 2018.
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    Analysis of Big Data’s Impact on Social Consumption Values
    with Chengwei Wen
    Philosophy Study 8 (4). 2018.
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    Central Neural Correlates During Inhibitory Control in Lifelong Premature Ejaculation Patients
    with Xuejuan Yang, Lan Zhang, Lin Liu, Peng Liu, Jinbo Sun, Yibin Xi, Hong Yin, and Wei Qin
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 12. 2018.
  • Human Rights and Context of Their Application
    Philosophy and Culture 36 (7): 59-71. 2009.
    Special universal values ​​of human rights practices, human rights issues is the core of modern society. Diversity of family characteristics with human rights values. Human rights values ​​of the application process, is a concrete understanding of the specific interpretation in practice, in practice the specific understanding of the process of interpretation; Bank in knowledge, of knowing one line Zhongzhi process; is an abstract principle to activation, and thus can be understanding, can be int…Read more
  • This paper analyzes the cultural roots of ecological crisis, trying to look at new horizons and reconstruction of natural, productivity, enterprise and development and a series of traditional concepts of sustainable development of ecological and economic reconstruction of the new philosophy
  • On the Contextual Elements of Crimes against Humanity Stipulated in the Rome Statute
    with Jun-Ping Wang
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 1 127-132. 2007.
    "Widespread or systematic attack against the civilian population" is a prerequisite for the establishment of crimes against humanity elements. The so-called "broad", the size and aggressive behavior should be the number of victims to define two aspects; the so-called "systematic", as long as it reveals the "organization" of features you can and can not contain "policy" of the elements; define " attacks on the civilian population ", attention should be attacked and policy relevance and sustainabi…Read more
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    Sinologism is basically a cultural unconscious in China-West studies predicated on an inner logic that operates beyond our conscious awareness but controls the ways of observing China and producing China scholarship. Its logic has exerted a profound impact on studies of Chinese language and writing. Since medieval times the difference between Chinese and Western languages has been viewed as a conceptual divide that separates Chinese and Western traditions. It has motivated scholars to generate a…Read more
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    Algebraic analysis of fuzzy indiscernibility
    with Akira Nakamura
    In B. Bouchon-Meunier, R. R. Yager & L. A. Zadeh (eds.), Uncertainty in Knowledge Bases, Springer. pp. 143--153. 1991.
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    The Use of Newborn Screening Dried Blood Spots for Research
    with Wen-Jun Tu, Jian He, Xiao-Dong Shi, Xin-Yu Wang, and Ying Li
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 9 (2): 189-193. 2012.
    ObjectiveTo investigate the attitudes of Chinese parents regarding the storage of dried blood spots collected for newborn screening (NBS) and their use in research.MethodsWe conducted a hospital-based survey of parents and examined parental attitudes regarding (a) allowing NBS sample storage, (b) permitting use of children’s NBS samples for research with parental permission, and (c) permitting use of children’s NBS samples for research without parental permission.ResultsThe response rate was 52 …Read more