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    Taking a set of central issues from ancient Greek medicine and biology, this book studies firstly, the interaction between scientific theorising and folklore or popular assumptions; secondly, the ideological character of scientific inquiry. Topics of interest in the philosphy and sociology of science illuminated here include the relationship between primitive thought and early science, the roles of the consensus on the scientific community, tradition and the authority of the written text, in the…Read more
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    This is a wide-ranging exploration of the similarities and differences between ancient Greek and ancient Chinese science and philosophy, concentrating on the period down to AD 300. Professor Lloyd studies such questions as the attitudes towards authority, the practice of confrontational debate, the role of methodological inquiries, the development of techniques of persuasion, the assumptions made about causal explanation and the focus of interest in the study of the heavens and in that of the hu…Read more
  • George Bell and early Methodist enthusiasm: a new manuscript source from the Manchester Archives
    with Kenneth G. C. Newport
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  • The papers of Dr Thomas Coke: a catalogue
    Bulletin of the John Rylands Library 76 (2): 205-320. 1994.
  • G. E. R. Lloyd considers how we can resolve the tension that exists between an appreciation of the cognitive capacities that all humans share, and a recognition of the great variety in their manifestations in different individuals and groups--while avoiding the imposition of prior Western assumptions and concepts.
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    Comment ne pas ĂȘtre charitable dans l'interprĂ©tation
    with I. Delpla
    Philosophia Scientiae 6 (2): 163-179. 2002.
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    Charles Wesley and his biographers: An exercise in Methodist hagiography
    Bulletin of the John Rylands Library 82 (1): 81-99. 2000.
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    Charles Wesley manuscripts: a guide to provenance and location
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