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    God and the Nature of Time
    Routledge. 2004.
    The past six decades have seen rising interest in the philosophy of time, driven in large measure by the metaphysical implications of the physical theories of relativity and quantum mechanics. Philosophical theology has only recently begun serious interaction with contemporary metaphysics of time. In particular, the issue of God's temporal mode of being has come under investigation In Part 1, I begin with the metaphysics of time, explicating and defending a causal account of dynamic time. I then…Read more
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    Timeless God, Tenseless Time
    Philosophia Christi 2 (1): 53-59. 2000.
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    Toward a Robust Natural Theology
    Philosophia Christi 3 (1): 113-117. 2001.
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    Atemporal, Sempiternal, or Omnitemporal: God's Temporal Mode of Being
    In Gregory E. Ganssle & David M. Woodruff (eds.), God and Time: Essays on the Divine Nature, Oxford Up. pp. 49-61. 2002.
  • Book Review (review)
    Philosophia Christi 4 (1): 284-288. 2002.