• Wider den Transhumanismus
    with Sarah Spiekermann, Peter Hampson, Charles M. Ess, Johannes Hoff, and Mark Coeckelbergh
    Neue Zürcher Zeitung. forthcoming.
    Mit der Entwicklung von Gen-, Nanotechnologie und Neurotechnolgie bekommt die Menschheit mehr und mehr die Mittel in die Hand, sich in Eigenregie evolutionär weiterzuentwickeln. Das ist gefährlich.
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    List of the contributors
    with Emilio Del Giudice, Fabrizio Desideri, Martin Fleischmann, Bury Lodge, Duck Street, Gordon Globus, B. J. Hiley, Mari Jibu, and Teruaki Nakagomi
    In Gordon G. Globus, Karl H. Pribram & Giuseppe Vitiello (eds.), Brain and Being, John Benjamins. pp. 349. 2004.
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    Das Paradox der Zeit und die Dimensionszahl der Temporalität
    Zeitschrift für Philosophische Forschung 43 (3). 1989.
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    Autonomie, marché et attention
    with Linsey Valente and Yves Citton
    Multitudes 57 (2): 91. 2014.
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    Mental presence and the temporal present
    In Gordon G. Globus, Karl H. Pribram & Giuseppe Vitiello (eds.), Brain and Being: At the Boundary Between Science, Philosophy, Language and Arts, John Benjamins. 2004.
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    Summary. It is proposed to translate the mind-matter distinction into terms of mental and physical time. In the spirit of this idea, we hypothesize a relation between the intensity of mental presence and a crucial time scale (some seconds) often referred to as a measure for the duration of nowness. This duration is experimentally accessible and might, thus, offer a suitable way to characterize the intensity of mental presence. Interesting consequences with respect to the idea of a generalized no…Read more
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    Presence and reality: An option to specify panpsychism ?
    Mind and Matter 6 (1): 123-140. 2008.
    Panpsychism is the doctrine that mind is a fundamental feature of the world existing throughout the universe. One problem with panpsychism is that it is a purely theoretical concept so far. For progress towards an operationalization of the idea, this paper suggests to make use of an ontological difference involved in the mind-matter distinction. The mode in which mental phenomena exist is called presence. The mode in which matter and radiation exist is called reality Physical theory disregards p…Read more
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    Capitalisme mental
    with Christophe Degoutin
    Multitudes 54 (3): 199. 2013.