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    Bioenhanced “Virtues” May Threaten Personal Identity
    with Kit Rempala, Sydney Samoska, Marley Hornewer, and Joseph Vukov
    American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience 12 (2-3): 117-119. 2021.
    Fabiano argues that virtue theory offers the best “safety framework” for mitigating the risks of moral enhancement (1). He advances five desiderata for an ideal safety framework and then explains how virtue theory satisfies each. Among these desiderata is the “preservation of identity” (1). Fabiano argues that moral enhancement can safely preserve personal identity when carried out within the framework of virtue theory. We suggest Fabiano's argument for this conclusion falls short, since contra …Read more
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    Seeing Clearly: A Buddhist Guide to Life. By Nicolas Bommarito (review)
    Teaching Philosophy 44 (1): 104-108. 2021.