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    Giambattista Vico y Eric Voegelin: fundamentos y lenguaje simbólico
    Utopía y Praxis Latinoamericana 13 (43): 119-134. 2008.
    En este artículo se propone una lectura de las obras de Giambattista Vico y Eric Voegelin, cuyo objetivo es evidenciar importantes puntos de contacto entre ellas, en particular en lo que se refiere a su acercamiento al tema del fundacionalismo. Para ambos autores la trascendencia del significado últ..
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    Acerca de los autores
    with Javier Roiz and Ángela Iranzo
    Foro Interno. Anuario de Teoría Política 6 (1): 171-172. 2006.
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    This article proposes an interpretation of the work of Giambattista Vico in order to show its relevance for the current debate between liberal universalism and its critics. After a critical reconstruction of its origin at the dawn of Modernity, and having iden- tified rationalism as one of its decisive features, we shall analyse some of the criticisms currently levelled against it by various postmodern authors. The work of Vico and of the traditions from which he drank are found to be a rich sou…Read more
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    The ‘constructivist turn’ in political representation literature has clarified that representation is crucial in forging identities – through the creation of ideological and symbolic representations that mobilize and coalesce otherwise scattered and undefined social forces – and thus also why it is essentially an interpretative and performative activity. In this article I argue that, as a consequence of this emphasis on interpretation and performativity, this approach makes clear why the ethos o…Read more
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    In the literature there are two well-established but opposite readings of Arendt: as an agonistic theorist and as a deliberative one. In between these two positions a smaller number of scholars have argued that in Arendt these two dimensions can to a large extent be reconciled. This paper follows this third path but tries to bring it one step further. In particular, it defends the idea that those scholars who have proposed this third reading of Arendt have fallen short of revealing the degree to…Read more