• Final report. A qualitative investigation into the use of withdrawal
    with E. de BenderDusch, M. F. McCann, S. Mayor, E. Hardy, L. C. Santos, M. J. Osis, J. G. Cecatti, and A. Faundes
    Journal of Biosocial Science 30 (2): 193-225. 1998.
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    Biology teachers’ conceptions about the origin of life in Brazil, argentina, and uruguay: A comparative study
    with Heslley Machado Silva, Pierre Clément, Isabela Maria Silva Leão, and Tiago Valentim Garros
    Zygon 52 (4): 943-961. 2017.
    Teachers’ conceptions about the origin of life in three Latin American countries with contrasting levels of secularism were analyzed: Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. A European survey questionnaire was used and the interpretation of the results drew on Barbour's four categories concerning the relationships of science and religion. A large majority of Argentinian and Uruguayan teachers were clearly evolutionist, even when believing in God, with no difference between Argentina and Uruguay. The maj…Read more
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    The programme PIBID-EA intends to closer licensees of undergraduate teaching courses with the reality of public schools. By promoting the teacher-researcher training on the basis of implementing collaborative actions between universities and partner schools it aims at encouraging critical questioning of environmental issues, providing appropriate conditions for PIBID-EA-grant fellows initiate school teaching. University lecturers, elementary school supervisors and the school community collaborat…Read more