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    Sellars’ metaethical quasi-realism
    Synthese 1-29. forthcoming.
    In this article, I expound and defend an interpretation of Sellars as a metaethical quasi-realist. Sellars analyzes moral discourse in non-cognitivist terms: in particular, he analyzes “ought”-statements as expressions of collective intentions deriving from a collective commitment to provide for the general welfare. But he also endorses a functional-role theory of meaning, on which a statement’s meaning is grounded in its being governed by semantical rules concerning language entry, intra-lingui…Read more
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    Wittgenstein, Religion and Ethics: New Perspectives from Philosophy and Theology, edited by Mikel Burley (review)
    with Charles Guth
    Faith and Philosophy 36 (4): 545-550. 2019.