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    Between Self-showing and Withdrawal: Heidegger’s Question of Being Reconsidered
    Research in Phenomenology 48 (2): 233-243. 2018.
    _ Source: _Volume 48, Issue 2, pp 233 - 243 This article focuses on two Platonic concepts, δύναµις and χώρα, and Heidegger’s interpretation of them in his lecture courses on Greek philosophy. I try to demonstrate that these two concepts offer us insights into the dynamic movement of Being between self-showing and withdrawal. The aim of the article is to show that Being, as one of the greatest kinds in the _Sophist_, and the elusive χώρα in the _Timaeus_ can open up new perspectives on the Heideg…Read more
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    Association Between Internet Addiction and the Risk of Musculoskeletal Pain in Chinese College Freshmen – A Cross-Sectional Study
    with Jianhua Cao, Yingke Li, Peng Cheng, Bin Liu, Zongji Hao, Hui Yao, Dongzhe Shi, Li Peng, Liya Guo, and Zhongyu Ren
    Frontiers in Psychology 10. 2019.
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    Paths in Heidegger's Later Thought (edited book)
    with Günter Figal, Diego D'Angelo, and Tobias Keiling
    Indiana University Press. 2020.
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    Moderate-to-Severe Depression Adversely Affects Lung Function in Chinese College Students
    with Liya Guo, Jianhua Cao, Peng Cheng, Dongzhe Shi, Bing Cao, Siyu Liang, Nan Su, Miao Yu, Chaowei Zhang, Rui Liang, Yaru Wang, Cuijin Bai, Chang Chen, and Zhongyu Ren
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2020.
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    Proposers’ Economic Status Affects Behavioral and Neural Responses to Unfairness
    with Yijie Zheng, Xuemei Cheng, Jialin Xu, Li Zheng, Lin Li, and Xiuyan Guo
    Frontiers in Psychology 8. 2017.
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    Evokation der Offenheit. Heideggers Sprachdenken in Sein und Zeit auf der Spur
    Meta: Research in Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, and Practical Philosophy 8 (1): 48-64. 2016.
    This paper investigates the relation of language to the openness of the world in the context of Heidegger’s early thinking, especially in Being and Time. My main contention is that Heidegger’s view of language in the 1920s cannot be reduced completely to the one-sided, subjectivist enactment of speech-act or Rede. First, I analyse the original meaning of the word “articulation” as structured division and connection in Being and Time and link it to the Greek word ἄρθρον, which Plato uses in descr…Read more