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    Toward an Ontology of Practices in Educational Administration: Theoretical implications for research and practice
    with Paul Newton
    Educational Philosophy and Theory 47 (4): 330-341. 2015.
    In this article, we argue for a study of educational administration centered on an ontology of practices. This is an initial proposal for thinking about and conceptualizing practices in educational administration. To do this, first, we explore how practices are constituted and how they configure the social realities of practitioners. Second, we explore what an ontology of practices has to offer for our understanding of organizations. Third, we examine how an ontology of practices might inform ou…Read more
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    A situated account of teacher agency and learning: Critical reflections on Professional Learning Communities
    with Paul Newton and David Burgess
    Canadian Journal of Education/Revue Canadienne de L'Éducation 35 (1): 202-216. 2012.
    We propose a practice-based focus for professional learning communities in schools. We start with a brief historical review of the approaches that have deemed peer collaboration as crucial for school improvement and explore how teachers’ practices have been characterised in past reform initiatives. Second, we highlight the importance of teacher agency within professional learning communities. Third, we point out how a theory of situated cognition provides a robust epistemological framework for p…Read more
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    In this article, I highlight the role of the notion of meaning for educational administration. I draw attention to Thomas Greenfield's theses regarding the role of meanings in organization. I explore the relations between Greenfield's thesis about meaning in organization and Ludwig Wittgenstein's thoughts about language and meaning. I shed some light on the encounters and distances between these two thinkers. My account is both exploratory and critical. On the one hand, I point to the relationsh…Read more