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    Many of the Swiss Cantons have regulated the relations between church and state by establishing, in their public law, corporations at the levels of the municipality and of the canton. The role and the rights of these corporations, especially obligatory membership in them, is the object of ongoing political and legal debate. Both on the side of the courts and of the church, the present system has come under scrutiny, while the corporation representatives and also a majority of the population seem…Read more
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    Der Artikel untersucht den langen Exkurs über Weissagung/divinatio in Ammianus' Res Gestae, vor seinem historischen und philosophischen Hintergrund in Zusammenhang mit der Politik des Kaisers Julian (Apostata). Gilt divinatio als historische Kausalität oder dient sie der literarischen Gestaltung? Was sagt der Exkurs über Ammianus' Arbeit als Historiker und über seine Weltanschauung?
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    The article focuses on Jamblichus’ concept of “nothingness” in comparison to Augustine’s humility as turning-point and conditions for the soul’s ascent to the divine and/or for salvation. It claims that both authors respond to specific teachings of Porphyry, who thus appears as something like a common enemy, and can help explain certain similarities between the Hellenic theurgist and the Catholic bishop, notwithstanding other profound differences between their philosophical views on the human pe…Read more
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    Nothing Rash Must Be Said
    American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 89 (2): 253-276. 2015.
    This essay examines St Augustine’s various references to Pythagoras and his teachings. The young Augustine presents Pythagoras as an ideal philosopher. Late in life, he regrets this praise he then considers exaggerated, mostly on account of Pythagoras’ polytheism. As can been seen from works written in between, Augustine’s appreciation for Pythagoras rests on more than one column: Pythagoras is the representative of contemplative philosophy, and Augustine credits him with a philosophical underst…Read more