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  • Next-Generation Factory-Produced Cool Asphalt Shingles: Phase 1 Final Report
    with R. M. Levinson, S. Chen, G. Ban-Weiss, P. Berdahl, P. Rosado, H. Destaillats, M. Sleiman, and T. Kirchstetter
    As the least expensive category of high-slope roofing in the U.S., shingles are found on the roofs of about 80% of U.S. homes, and constitute about 80% of this market. Shingles are also among the least reflective high-slope roofing products, with few cool options on the market. The widespread use of cool roofs in the two warmest U.S. climate zones could reduce annual residential cooling energy use in these zones by over 7%. This project targets the development of high-performance cool shingles w…Read more