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    This article objects to two major economistic shortcomings of Philippe Van Parijs's 'Real Freedom for All': Van Parijs claims that market prices are the best metric for equal real freedom. This is challenged. Market prices admittedly are the best instrument for distributive purposes at hand. They are, however, a means of transport for supply and demand contingencies. Hence market prices are to be considered as an insufficient metric for equal freedom. Van Parijs claims that 'Real Freedom for All…Read more
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    Kein Vorrang für Gleichheit
    Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie 95 (3): 384-394. 2009.
    The presumption in favour of equality is the main argument pro egalitarianism so far. It assigns equality an extraordinary epistemic role: equality would not require special reason, only inequality would do so. The paper examines (and dismisses) five important arguments in favour of the presumption and presents two general objections against it.
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  • Claus-Peter Pfeffer, Plutopia: Wirtschaft einmal rational
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