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    Was wir aus dem Gettier-Problem über den Begriff des Wissens lernen können. Und was daraus für die Möglichkeit von PatientInnenwissen folgt
    In Helmut Hofbauer, Lukas Kaelin, Hendrik Jan Ankersmit & Walter Feigl (eds.), Ist der Patient ein Mensch?, Lit Verlag. pp. 131-165. 2015.
    The article talks about the social consequences of the so called Standard Analysis of Knowledge. Gettier cases demonstrate that human beings would need superhuman powers in order to fullfill the truth condition of the Standard Analysis of Knowledge. When Gettier cases are told, the storyteller usually omits to report who noticed what was the truth in this case and how he or she informed the protagonist of the Gettier case about it. This is done that way in order to hide the fact that only the ey…Read more
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    Meaning of society for the human individual.
  • Ist der Patient ein Mensch? (edited book)
    with Lukas Kaelin, Hendrik Jan Ankersmit, and Walter Feigl
    LIT Verlag. 2015.
  • MoralkEulen in die Ethik tragen is a book on ethics. It raises the question why ethics was overruled by morals and the question of how a good human life can be lead has dropped out of ethics. The word “Moralkeule” means a moral club or moral bat to “beat up” others with morals. It was elected to be the “non-word of the year” in 1998 because it combines a word like morals that has a positive connotation and is worthy of protection with an instrument for killing people. (Of course, by selecting no…Read more
  • 'Einladung zur Odyssee' drafts a theory of knowledge for the individual human being. By theory of knowledge 'Erkenntnis'is meant - that is the process or the activity of knowing, not knowledge itself. 'Science' is defined in this book as collective striving for knowledge', 'philosophy' as individual striving for knowledge. Initial point is the stark limitation of personal resources concerning the adquisition and management of knowledge compared to those of a group or society doing research. Ther…Read more