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    Chemostratigraphic insights into fluvio-lacustrine deposition, Yanchang Formation, Upper Triassic, Ordos Basin, China
    with Xiangzeng Wang, Bojiang Fan, Tongwei Zhang, Stephen C. Ruppel, Kitty L. Milliken, Robert Loucks, Ying Shen, Jianfeng Zhang, Quansheng Liang, and Evan Sivil
    Interpretation: SEG 5 (2). 2017.
    A chemostratigraphic study of a 300 m long core recovered from the southeastern central Ordos depocenter reveals thick intervals of fine-grained, organic-rich lacustrine strata, interpreted to represent deepwater deposition under meromictic conditions during lake highstand phases, interspersed with thick intervals of arkosic sandstones, reflective of fluvio-deltaic deposition during lake lowstand phases. Along with elevated concentrations of %Al, traditionally a proxy for clay content, maximum t…Read more
  • Introduction to special section: Shale paleoenvironments
    with Bruce Hart, Gilles Hennenfent, and Joe Macquaker
    Interpretation: SEG 3 (1). 2015.
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    Bone Spring mudrock successions in Delaware Basin vary between silica- and carbonate-rich facies marking depositional responses to sea-level changes. Increased Mo, [Formula: see text], and total organic carbon record reduced oxygenation during sea-level lowstands. In a 91.4-m core from Sun No. 1 Houssels well and a 39.6-m core from Shell No. 1 Marsden well, lower Bone Spring cycles comprised siliceous-calcareous mudrock couplets. The Marsden core was correlative to the upper part of the Houssels…Read more