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    The Limits of Machine Intelligence
    with Karina Vold, Matthew Crosby, and Marta Halina
    EMBO Reports 49177 (20). 2019.
    Despite there being little consensus on what intelligence is or how to measure it, the media and the public have become increasingly preoccupied with the concept owing to recent accomplishments in machine learning and research on artificial intelligence (AI). Governments and corporations are investing billions of dollars to fund researchers who are keen to produce an ever‐expanding range of artificial intelligent systems. More than 30 countries have announced such research initiatives over the p…Read more
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    Pain, placebo, and cognitive penetration
    Mind and Language. forthcoming.
    Mind & Language, EarlyView.
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    Conceptual Short-Term Memory: A Missing Part of the Mind?
    Journal of Consciousness Studies 24 (7-8): 163-188. 2017.
    In debates in philosophy and cognitive science concerning short-term memory mechanisms and perceptual experience, most discussion has focused on the working memory and the various forms of sensory memory such as iconic memory. In this paper, I present a summary of some evidence for a proposed further form of memory termed conceptual short-term memory. I go on to outline some of the ways in which this additional distinctive sort of short-term memory might be of relevance to ongoing philosophical …Read more
  • The Lower Bounds of Desire
    Journal of Consciousness Studies 24 (5-6): 251-258. 2017.
    One influential philosophical account of desire treats it as a species of propositional attitude, possessing broadly the same kinds of content as belief while differing in direction of fit. However, this arguably neglects more basic forms of desire. It seems an open possibility, for example, that animals that lack propositional attitudes might still have simple desires mediated by sensations like hunger and thirst. In this essay, I will argue the case for the existence of these basic desires, an…Read more