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    When guanxi meets connectivity
    with Xun Lin
    Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society 16 (1): 32-44. 2018.
    Purpose The purpose of this paper is to reveal the underlying mechanisms that drive young adults’ participation in micro-charity. Design/methodology/approach A case study, which formed a large online ethnographic project, was conducted in which the twin methods of participatory observation and in-depth interviews were used to access the experience of a selected group of college students. Findings The present paper identifies that young adults’ participation in micro-charity is mainly driven by t…Read more
  • Trend and change-point analyses of water quality time series data have important implications for pollution control and environmental decision-making. This paper developed a new approach to assess trends and change-points of water quality parameters by integrating locally weighted polynomial regression and segmented regression. Firstly, LWPR was used to pretreat the original water quality data into a smoothed time series to represent the long-term trend of water quality. Then, SegReg was used to…Read more