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    O que é ‘Metametafisica’? Uma Análise das Metodologias de Meinong, Carnap e Quine
    with Cristian Kraemer
    Griot : Revista de Filosofia 21 (2): 237-255. 2021.
    Metametaphysics is the study regarding the foundations and the methodology of Metaphysics. We’ll analyze in this paper three methodologies that established the origins of Metametaphysics in the Analytic Tradition: that of Alexius Meinong, Rudolf Carnap and Willard van Orman Quine. According to Meinong, there is a distinction between ‘to exist’ and ‘there is’ and, in order to preserve the intuition that every intentional act is directed towards an object, there are things that do not exist. Accor…Read more
  •  368
    Translation and Metaphysics: a case for fictional characters
    Cadernos de Tradução 40 (1): 110-126. 2020.
    If different translations of the same literary work have different syntaxes and semantics, how are they supposed to be about one and the same fictional character? In order to answer this question it’s necessary to (a) know what fictional characters are and (b) present reference conditions for them. Relying on Amie Thomasson’s (1999, 2003, 2007) and Saul Kripke’s (1980, 2013) works I argue that fictional characters are abstract artifacts whose reference is fixed by the baptism performed by an aut…Read more