My Survey Responses

Survey Prompt Response
Main Questions
A priori knowledge Lean towards: yes
Abstract objects Lean towards: nominalism
Aesthetic value Lean towards: objective
Aim of philosophy Lean towards: understanding
Analytic-synthetic distinction Lean towards: no
Capital punishment Accept: impermissible
Causation Accept: process/production
Consciousness Accept: identity theory
Eating animals and animal products Other
Environmental ethics Accept: non-anthropocentric
Epistemic justification Accept: externalism
Experience machine Accept: no
External world Accept: non-skeptical realism
Footbridge The question is too unclear to answer
Free will Accept: compatibilism
Gender Accept: social
God Accept: atheism
Interlevel metaphysics Accept: identity
Knowledge Lean towards: empiricism
Knowledge claims Lean towards: invariantism
Laws of nature Lean towards: non-Humean
Logic Accept an alternative view: Pluralism
Meaning of life Lean towards: objective
Mental content Lean towards: externalism
Meta-ethics Lean towards: moral realism
Metaphilosophy Accept: naturalism
Mind Accept: physicalism
Moral judgment Lean towards: cognitivism
Moral motivation Accept: externalism
Morality Accept: naturalist realism
Newcomb's problem Lean towards: two boxes
Normative ethics Lean towards: virtue ethics
Perceptual experience Accept: representationalism
Personal identity Accept an alternative view: Animalism
Philosophical methods Accept a combination of answers:
  • Accept empirical philosophy
  • Lean against linguistic philosophy
  • Lean against experimental philosophy
  • Neutral towards intuition-based philosophy
  • Accept formal philosophy
  • Neutral towards conceptual analysis
  • Lean towards conceptual engineering
Philosophical progress Accept: a little
Political philosophy Lean towards: egalitarianism
Possible worlds Lean towards: nonexistent
Proper names Lean towards: Millian
Properties Accept a combination of answers:
  • Neutral towards nonexistent
  • Lean towards tropes
  • Lean against immanent universals
  • Lean towards classes
  • Reject transcendent universals
Race Accept: social
Response to external-world skepticism Lean towards: abductive
Science Accept: scientific realism
Teletransporter Lean towards: death
Time Lean towards: B-theory
Time travel Lean towards: metaphysically possible
Trolley problem The question is too unclear to answer
Truth Accept an alternative view: Pluralism
Vagueness Lean towards: semantic
Zombies Accept a combination of answers:
  • Lean towards conceivable but not metaphysically possible
  • Reject metaphysically possible
  • Lean towards inconceivable
Survey Prompt Response
Additional Questions
Abortion Accept: permissible
Aesthetic experience Accept: perception
Analysis of knowledge Lean towards: other analysis
Arguments for theism Lean towards: pragmatic
Belief or credence Lean towards: neither
Chinese room Lean towards: understands
Concepts Lean towards: nativism
Continuum hypothesis Lean towards: indeterminate
Cosmological fine-tuning Accept: no fine-tuning
Extended mind Accept: no
Foundations of mathematics Lean towards: structuralism
Gender categories Lean towards: revise
Grounds of intentionality Accept: causal/teleological
Hard problem of consciousness Accept: no
Human genetic engineering Lean towards: permissible
Hume Lean towards: skeptic
Immortality Lean towards: yes
Justification Accept a combination of answers:
  • Lean towards infinitism
  • Lean towards reliabilism
  • Lean against coherentism
  • Lean against nonreliabilist foundationalism
Kant Accept: one world
Law Accept: legal positivism
Material composition Lean towards: restrictivism
Metaontology Lean towards: heavyweight realism
Method in history of philosophy Lean towards: contextual/historicist
Method in political philosophy Lean towards: non-ideal theory
Mind uploading Accept: death
Moral principles Accept: moral particularism
Normative concepts Lean towards: value
Other minds Accept a combination of answers:
  • Accept adult humans
  • Accept cats
  • Accept fish
  • Neutral towards flies
  • Lean against worms
  • Lean against plants
  • Reject particles
  • Lean towards newborn babies
  • Neutral towards current AI systems
  • Lean towards future AI systems
Ought implies can Lean towards: no
Philosophical knowledge Accept: a little
Plato Lean towards: knowledge only of forms
Politics Accept: socialism
Practical reason Lean towards: Aristotelian
Principle of sufficient reason Lean towards: false
Propositional attitudes Lean towards: representational
Propositions Lean towards: acts
Quantum mechanics Lean towards: collapse
Race categories Lean towards: preserve
Rational disagreement Accept: permissivism
Semantic content Lean towards: moderate contextualism (intermediate)
Sleeping beauty Accept: one-third
Spacetime Lean towards: relationism
Statue and lump Lean towards: one thing
Temporal ontology Lean towards: eternalism
Theory of reference Accept: causal
True contradictions Lean towards: impossible
Units of selection Lean towards: genes
Values in science Accept: necessarily value-laden
Well-being Lean towards: objective list
Wittgenstein Accept: early