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    Stesk po domově a mezní situace. K Jaspersově rané recepci díla S. Kierkegaarda
    Reflexe: Filosoficky Casopis 2023 (65): 5-23. 2024.
    The study focuses on the relationship between K. Jaspers and S. Kierkegaard. First, it evaluates the current scholarship regarding Jaspers’ reception of Kierkegaard’s thought; second, it offers an independent analysis of Jaspers’ early work (especially the 1909 Heimweh und Verbrechen, and then the Psychologie der Weltanschauungen). It is demonstrated that Jaspers’ early work on nostalgia presents the first case study of limit situations (Grenzsituationen). The paper traces the link between Kierk…Read more
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    Selfhood and simulacra
    Filosoficky Casopis 71 (Special issue 1): 67-88. 2023.
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    In four major parts, this study investigates the phenomenon of scrolling. Its first task is to argue in favor of a specific quality of the experience of scrolling, distinguishing it from other forms of distraction, notably from the flow experience. Scrolling takes the shape of aimless drifting. Secondly, it investigates the phenomenon of scrolling against its relevant historical, economic, social, and cultural backdrop, with the intention of understanding scrolling as a typical phenomenon of tod…Read more
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    Revisiting the Czech Reception of Kierkegaard in Early 20th Century
    with Anna Janoušková
    Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook 27 (1): 419-431. 2022.
    This article revisits the existing accounts of the early Czech Kierkegaard reception. It argues that Kierkegaard has had a greater reception than previously assumed and that one must take into account the cultural and historical contexts. Two major points are made: first, the earliest Kierkegaard reception was closely related to the Czech national political struggles and Kierkegaard was used as a political argument supporting the need for a Czech national reformed Church. Second, we provide evid…Read more
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    12. Creatures of Habit
    In Mélissa Fox-Muraton (ed.), Kierkegaard and Issues in Contemporary Ethics, De Gruyter. pp. 235-252. 2020.