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    History of Science through Koyré's Lenses
    Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 32 (2): 243-263. 2001.
    Alexandre Koyré was one of the most prominent historians of science of the twentieth century. The standard interpretation of Koyré is that he falls squarely within the internalist camp of historians of science—that he focuses on the history of the ideas themselves, eschewing cultural and sociological interpretations regarding the influence of ideologies and institutions on the development of science. When we read what Koyré has to say about his historical studies , we find him embracing and cham…Read more
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    The Shaping of Rationality
    Philosophia Christi 2 (2): 331-334. 2000.
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    The Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity (edited book)
    with Alan G. Padgett
    Wiley-Blackwell. 2012.
  • Book Review (review)
    Philosophia Christi 14 (2): 491-493. 2012.
  • This dissertation examines the relationship between metaphysics and the interpretation of physical theories. It is argued that the interpreters of physical theory rely on accepted metaphysical theories for justification and inspiration; and that reciprocally, the acceptance of metaphysical theories is dependent upon the authority of a successful physical theory. Furthermore, this reciprocal influence---or dialectic---can be seen as a systematic occurrence throughout the development of physical t…Read more
  • Book Review (review)
    Philosophia Christi 12 (2): 477-480. 2010.