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    The Notion of the A Priori
    Philosophical Studies (Dublin) 17 (n/a): 369-371. 1968.
    This is a very welcome addition to the invaluable Northwestern University Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy. Originally published in France as La Notion d’ a priori in 1959, this book is chronologically as well as logically central to Dufrenne’s thinking as it has been expressed from the time of Karl Jaspers et la philosophie de l’existence, written with Paul Ricoeur in 1947, through Phénoménologie de l’expérience esthétique in 1953, to Le Poétique and Jalons in 1963 and 1966. …Read more
  • Terrell Carver "The Cambridge Companion to Marx"
    International Journal of Philosophical Studies 354. 1993.
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    Totality and Infinity In Marx
    Irish Philosophical Journal 4 (1-2): 120-144. 1987.
  • Marx, Justice and Dialectic
    Irish Philosophical Journal 5 (1-2): 72-110. 1988.
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    American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 77 (4): 625-629. 2003.
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    Marx and justice
    International Journal of Philosophical Studies 8 (3). 2000.
    Marx's thought about justice is essentialist and dialectical. It has been interpreted in terms of immoralism. It is rather a synthesis of the traditional natural law, based on the Aristotelian concept of nature as the potential for perfection or ideal fulfilment, radically different from the Hobbesian reductionist concept of nature as atomistic and mechanical; of the tradition of dialectics in its German idealist form; and of Feuerbach's humanism. Marx's explicitly realist idea of science reveal…Read more