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    Free-will and Non-attachment in the Bhagavad Gita
    Indian Philosophical Quarterly 14 (4): 375. 1987.
    The paper argues that there is a unique from of free will in the Gita based on the universal presence of the ultimate reality.
  •  69
    Correlative Thinking in Pacific Island (Micronesian) Cultural Philosophies
    Pacific Asia Inquiry: Multidisciplinary Perspectives 11 154-175. 2021.
    To continue the project of explicating Pacific values and worldviews, this paper focuses on correlative thinking in some of the cultural philosophies of the Pacific islands, especially Micronesia. Correlative thinking differs, in degree, from scientific and academic logic that emphasize the truth-value of statements. After examining aspects of correlative thinking in Bali and the Philippines, I extract some characteristics of Pacific philosophies from cu…Read more
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    Reading Through Recovered Ancient Chinese Manuscripts ed. by Shirley Chan
    Philosophy East and West 70 (4): 1-4. 2020.
    Shirley Chan and twelve other established scholars prepared fourteen insightful, detailed textual analyses of several of the recovered ancient Chinese manuscripts. The book consists of a Preface, Acknowledgements, fourteen chapters, and a list of contributors. The five chapter titles that begin with Chinese are written in Chinese, with English abstracts.In the Preface Shirley Chan notes the diversity in unity of the essays. The authors use their respective areas of specialization and different d…Read more