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    Endoribonuclease-Based Two-Component Repressor Systems for Tight Gene Expression Control in Plants
    with Y. Liang, S. Richardson, V. T. Benites, C. Cheng-Yue, T. Tran, J. Mortimer, A. Mukhopadhyay, J. D. Keasling, H. V. Scheller, and D. Loqué
    Tight control and multifactorial regulation of gene expression are important challenges in genetic engineering and are critical for the development of regulatory circuits. Meeting these challenges will facilitate transgene expression regulation and support the fine-tuning of metabolic pathways to avoid the accumulation of undesired intermediates. By employing the endoribonuclease Csy4 and its recognition sequence from Pseudomonas aeruginosa and manipulating 5'UTR of mRNA, we developed a two-comp…Read more
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    Loss of inositol phosphorylceramide sphingolipid mannosylation induces plant immune responses and reduces cellulose content in arabidopsis
    with L. Fang, T. Ishikawa, E. A. Rennie, G. M. Murawska, J. Lao, A. Y. L. Tsai, E. E. K. Baidoo, J. Xu, J. D. Keasling, T. Demura, M. Kawai-Yamada, H. V. Scheller, and J. C. Mortimer
    © 2016 American Society of Plant Biologists. All rights reserved.Glycosylinositol phosphorylceramides are a class of glycosylated sphingolipids found in plants, fungi, and protozoa. These lipids are abundant in the plant plasma membrane, forming; 25% of total plasma membrane lipids. Little is known about the function of the glycosylated headgroup, but two recent studies have indicated that they play a key role in plant signaling and defense. Here, we show that a member of glycosyltransferase fam…Read more
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    © 2016 American Society of Plant Biologists. All rights reserved.Calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase has been shown to play an important role in abscisic acid -induced antioxidant defense and enhance the tolerance of plants to drought stress. However, its downstream molecular events are poorly understood. Here, we identify a NAC transcription factor, ZmNAC84, in maize, which physically interacts with ZmCCaMK in vitro and in vivo. ZmNAC84 displays a partially overlapping expression patter…Read more
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