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    Hermeneutic Photography: An Innovative Intervention in Psychiatric
    Journal of Psychiatric Nursing 5 (1): 17-24. 2014.
    This article is about an intervention or approach in mental health care that has been developed from hermeneutics, more specifically the hermeneutics of Ricoeur. In this intervention photography is used as a means to assist patients in a process of meaning making from experiences in their life world. It aims at empowerment and strengthening the agency of patients. It does so by facilitating storytelling. Mimesis, as interpreted by Ricoeur, was found to be a central concept with which we could ex…Read more
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    Moral learning in psychiatric rehabilitation
    with G. A. M. Widdershoven and T. A. Abma
    Nursing Ethics 18 (4): 583-595. 2011.
    The purpose of this article is to illustrate moral learning in persons with a psychiatric disability who participated in a nursing intervention, called the photo-instrument. This intervention is a form of hermeneutic photography. The findings are based on a multiple case study of 42 patients and additional interviews with eight of them. Photo groups were organized within three settings of psychiatric services: ambulatory as well as clinical, all situated in the Netherlands. Data were analysed ac…Read more
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    The Photo-Instrument as a Health Care Intervention
    with T. A. Abma
    Health Care Analysis 20 (2): 177-195. 2012.
    The aim of this study is to describe how hermeneutic photography and one application of hermeneutic photography in particular, namely the photo-instrument, can be used as a health care intervention that fosters meaning (re-)construction of mental illness experiences. Studies into the ways how patients construct meaning in illness narratives indicate that aesthetic expressions of experiences may play an important role in meaning making and sharing. The study is part of a larger research project d…Read more
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    The Engagement Model, Transition Processes and a New Definition of Health
    Journal of Clinical Research and Bioethics 7 (3). 2016.
    This article is about a new definition of health and how this relates to transition processes. It focuses on the practical translation of the new concepts into challenges for mental health nurses. To that aim the Engagement Model is examined and operationalized. We did so as nurse researcher and lecturer involved in training nurse practitioners.