•  138
    The value of privileged access
    European Journal of Philosophy 29 (2): 365-378. 2021.
    European Journal of Philosophy, EarlyView.
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    How to defend the phenomenology of attitudes
    Philosophical Studies 175 (10): 2609-2629. 2018.
    This paper develops a novel defense of the non-sensory phenomenology of desires, and more broadly, of attitudes. I argue that the way to defend this type of phenomenology is to: offer a defense of the view that attitudes are states that realize the causal role of attitude types and argue that what realizes the causal role of attitudes are, in certain cases, states that possess non-sensory phenomenology. I carry out this approach with respect to desires by developing the view that desires play th…Read more
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    A puzzle about desire
    Synthese 196 (9): 3655-3676. 2019.
    This paper develops a novel puzzle about desire consisting of three independently plausible but jointly inconsistent propositions: all desires are dispositional states, we have privileged access to some of our desires, and we do not have privileged access to any dispositional state. Proponents of the view that all desires are dispositional states might think the most promising way out of this puzzle is to deny. I argue, however, that such attempts fail because the most plausible accounts of self…Read more