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    The Right to Self-Defense Against the State
    Dissertation, University of Colorado, Boulder. 2022.
    My dissertation develops a defense of a right to self-defense against the state. I set aside anarchist theories and grant for the sake of argument that the state has legitimate political authority. My goal is to convince non-anarchists that the right to self-defense extends to individuals against the state and the state’s agents. I argue that the right to self-defense is a fundamental, negative, claim right. The right to self-defense has these characteristics: (1) it is fundamental, meaning that…Read more
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    The Anti-Liberty Requirements of Affirmative Consent (edited book)
    Mises Institute. 2022.
    The conventional wisdom that influences university policy on what is considered valid sexual consent has undergone radical change over the past twenty years. Valid consent being the criteria that makes subsequent sexual behavior morally justified because the consent is morally transformative in the way that matters. Affirmative consent policies are now being used increasingly at universities across the country, as well as forming the basis for legislation in some U.S. states. University policies…Read more
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    Not Really a Market Without Limits
    Journal of Value Inquiry 51 (4): 629-639. 2017.
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    The Right to Self-Defense Against the State
    Philosophia 49 (1): 437-458. 2020.
    The Second Amendment is accepted as protecting a right, but it is commonly accepted that the right is not unrestricted. I will explore the most commonly suggested restrictions proposed by gun control advocates and show why these restrictions to the Second Amendment are unjustifiably high, especially when compared with restrictions we accept for other Constitutional rights. I argue that these restrictions violate a central function of the Second Amendment—to enable the people to protect themselve…Read more