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    Responding to the long-standing debate concerning whether Michel Foucault is a philosopher or a historian, Amy Allen questions the incompatibility that this opposition suggests. Foucault can be considered neither a historian nor a philosopher in isolation. Rather, given his own account of history and critique in his early text, The Order of Things, we should understand Foucault as a philosopher whose critical interventions are historically contingent. This commentary asks about the role of lingu…Read more
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    The Spirit of the Enterprise
    In Kenneth R. Westphal (ed.), Pragmatism, Reason & Norms: A Realistic Assessment, Fordham University Press. pp. 10--243. 1998.
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    The Fragments of the Disaster: Blanchot and Galeano on Decolonial Writing
    Journal of Speculative Philosophy 30 (3): 292-302. 2016.
    Recordar: To remember; from the Latin re-cordis, to pass back through the heart.Forgetting is not secondary; it is not an improvised failing of what has first been constituted as memory. Forgetfulness is a practice.In his search for a community that does not rely upon the false unities of subjectivity or identity, Maurice Blanchot looks to literature and writing. To achieve the common in community, Blanchot argues for the development of unworking writing practices aimed at the silence anterior t…Read more