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    ZooTycoonTM: Capitalism, nature, and the pursuit of happiness
    with Andy Opel
    Ethics and the Environment 9 (2): 103-120. 2004.
    : This paper is a cultural studies analysis of the Microsoft computer video game, ZooTycoon™. Through a critical reading using the "circuit of culture," questions of the gamer's subject position, the role of wildlife and implicit and explicit messages about contemporary attitudes toward the environment are explored. Drawing on Susan Davis' book, Spectacular Nature: Corporate Culture and the Sea World Experience (1997), this paper unpacks the virtual theme parks created in Zoo Tycoon™ for their (…Read more
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    Application of Law to the Childhood Obesity Epidemic
    with Jess Alderman, Ellen J. Fried, and Richard A. Daynard
    Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 35 (1): 90-112. 2007.
    Childhood obesity is in important respects a result of legal policies that influence both dietary intake and physical activity. The law must shift focus away from individual risk factors alone and seek instead to promote situational and environmental influences that create an atmosphere conducive to health. To attain this goal, advocates should embrace a population-wide model of public health, and policymakers must critically examine the fashionable rhetoric of consumer choice
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    Training Individuals in Public Health Law
    Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 36 (s3): 50-60. 2008.
    Effective training in public health law depends on properly targeting materials and programs. There are significant differences in training and practice between public health and law. Current efforts targeting individuals fail to recognize these foundational differences. Recommendations are made for future action
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    Climate Change and Public Health Policy
    with Jason Vargo and Sara Pollock Hoverter
    Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 45 (s1): 82-85. 2017.
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    Law, Stigma, and Meaning: Implications for Obesity and HIV Prevention
    with Michael V. Stanton
    Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 45 (4): 492-501. 2017.
  • Training Individuals in Public Health Law
    Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 36 (s3): 50-60. 2008.