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    Medicine as a Corporate Enterprise: A Welcome Step?
    with M. Poduval
    Mens Sana Monographs 6 (1): 157. 2008.
    _The medical profession is set for a change. It is being redesigned as a corporate enterprise. The health-care industry has proved to be lucrative and therefore has seen the entry of newer players from the corporate field into the market. The "Medical-Industrial complex" has led to the commercialization of health care well beyond what traditional practitioners would consider ideal. Medicine is being treated as a business, with cost curtailment measures and profit margins often dictating physicia…Read more
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    Working Mothers: How Much Working, How Much Mothers, And Where Is The Womanhood?
    with M. Poduval
    Mens Sana Monographs 7 (1): 63. 2009.
    _Motherhood confers upon a woman the responsibility of raising a child. This process also changes the way in which she is perceived in society and at her workplace. It can necessitate her to take more than available leave options, and job security can be at risk. Significant social and personal adjustments are necessary to cope with such a situation. A working mother, especially one who has the good fortune to be able to balance her home and work, enjoys the stimulation that a job or career prov…Read more