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    A proposal to change the tradition of perfect being theology
    Southwest Philosophy Review 15 (1): 233-240. 1999.
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    Models of God and Alternative Ultimate Realities (edited book)
    with Asa Kasher
    Springer. 2013.
    James E. Taylor As the title of this book makes clear, the essays contained in it are unified by their focus on models of God and alternative ultimate realities. But what is ultimate reality, what does 'God' mean, and what would count as a model  ...
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    Merciful Justice
    Philosophia 41 (3): 719-735. 2013.
    I offer a solution to an old puzzle about how God can be both just and merciful at the same time—a feat which seems required of God, but at the same time seems impossible since showing mercy involves being more lenient than justice demands. Inspired by two of Jesus’ parables and work by Feinberg, Johnson and Smart, I suggest that following a “principle of merciful justice”—that persons ought to receive what they deserve or better—delivers mercy and justice simultaneously, certainly in cases of d…Read more
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    Bishop’s main claims are: (I) that James’ criteria on the admissibility of faith leaps need the addition of two moral criteria to be complete; (II) that a Kantian, at least, could not admissibly leap toward God, classically understood, and (III) that a Kantian, and anyone else, could admissibly leap toward God, understood his way. Here I will affirm (I) with a qualification; deny (II); affirm (III); and close with some reservations about Bishop’s novel model of God. This paper was delivered at t…Read more
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    Global and local atheisms
    International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 79 (1): 7-18. 2016.
    I introduce a distinction between global and local versions of atheism and theism, where global ones are about all notions of God and local ones are about specific notions. Current expressions of atheism are ambiguous between the two. I argue that global atheism is difficult to enunciate and even more difficult to defend, so much so that global atheism is not yet justified. Until it is, atheists should be local atheists
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    Philosophia 35 (3-4): 261-272. 2007.
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    In his recent trilogy, J. L. Schellenberg presents a new religious option: to have beliefless faith in a general object of religious concern that he thinks is referenced at the core of most sectarian religions UUU’. After explaining what UUU is more fully, I argue that the claim that UUU exists should not be, as Schellenberg says, the only focus for philosophy of religion. Still, I argue that such a claim is a good basis for a new form of religion, especially if it is modified in a couple of way…Read more
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    Introduction to Ground, Start and End of Being Theologies
    In Jeanine Diller & Asa Kasher (eds.), Models of God and Alternative Ultimate Realities, Springer. pp. 473--481. 2013.
  • The Content and Coherence of Theism
    Dissertation, University of Michigan. 2000.
    Some philosophers claim that the Judaeo-Christian God not only does not exist but could not exist. In support, they offer over various arguments to show that one or more of the properties commonly associated with this God are inconsistent. One such argument, for instance, says it is impossible to be perfectly just and merciful, since one is merciful precisely by being unjust in favor of those to whom one shows mercy. ;I suggest that the logical problems in question result from assuming a popular…Read more
  • Models of God and Other Kinds of Ultimate Reality (edited book)
    with Asa Kasher
    Springer. forthcoming.
  • Models of God and Other Ultimate Realities (edited book)
    with Asa Kasher
    Kluwer Academic Publishers. forthcoming.