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    COVID-19 and the Burden of Confinement on Women’s Health: A Comparison between France and the United States
    with Catherine Vidal
    International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics 15 (1): 119-122. 2022.
    At the Inserm Ethics Committee's annual conference in October 2021, the "Gender and Health Research" working group presented a study comparing the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in France and the United States. This comparison highlights the dysfunction of public policies in the United States regarding equitable access to healthcare for women and minorities, in contrast to France where the public authorities have taken exceptional measures, notably to guarantee access to abortion and care for vic…Read more
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    This article addresses the issue and practice of surrogacy in France. Surrogacy contracts are void under French law, and intermediaries, medical personnel, and in some cases, parents can be penaliz...
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    The Role of Religion in Debates on Embryo Research and Surrogacy in France
    In Mirjam Weiberg-Salzmann & Ulrich Willems (eds.), Religion and Biopolitics, Springer Verlag. pp. 61-71. 2020.
    This contribution explores an area where religion in France has always played a very important role in the various debates on bioethical issues. Among various religious groups, the Catholic Church has been the most active and outspoken presence in these debates. This study explores their implication—via several activist groups—and the influence and impact they have in two specific areas: research on embryos and the issue of surrogacy.
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    Privacy, autonomy, and public policy: French and North American perspectives
    Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 37 (6): 503-516. 2016.
    This article raises the question of whether in both the United States and in France, an individual’s autonomy and private decision-making right in matters of health care and access to reproductive technologies can be conciliated with the general interest, and more specifically, the role of the State. Can a full-fledged right to privacy, the ability to exercise one’s autonomy, exist alongside the general interest, and depend neither on financial resources like in the United States nor on centrali…Read more
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    Medical science, public policy, and reproductive rights
    with Chairperson Dorothy McBride Stetson
    The European Legacy 1 (3): 1024-1030. 1996.
    No abstract
  • Stephen man-hung Sze
    with Homosexuality and the Use Of
    In Julia Lai Po-Wah Tao (ed.), Cross-Cultural Perspectives on the (Im) Possibility of Global Bioethics, Kluwer Academic. 2002.
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    Medical science, public policy, and reproductive rights
    with Dorothy McBride Stetson
    The European Legacy 1 (3): 1024-1030. 1996.