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    I examine the difficulties that several philosophers of language are liable to encounter in their attempts to provide an account of the connection between truth and assertion. I then attempt to provide an account of this connection. The analysis is concerned chiefly with difficulties which consist in elucidating the conceptual connection between truth and assertion in a way that respects certain linguistic intuitions while at the same time rendering the concept of truth amenable to a semantic in…Read more
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    The Purification Of Correspondence: Re-examining The Austin-strawson Debate
    Florida Philosophical Review 9 (1): 29-39. 2009.
    I argue that Austin's early view on truth is deficient in a way that Strawson's redundancy view is not and that the semantic categories traditionally used to treat the truth-predicate are inadequate for a theory of truth. A philosophically viable theory of truth must also provide an analysis of the concept of truth. To support this claim I show that the defects in Austin's view are a consequence of failing to make a distinction between two concepts of truth. Austin claims that though we often re…Read more