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    Virtue, Rule-Following, and Absolute Prohibitions
    Journal of the American Philosophical Association 5 (1): 78-97. 2019.
    In her seminal article ‘Modern Moral Philosophy’ Elizabeth Anscombe argued that we need a new ethics, one that uses virtue terms to generate absolute prohibitions against certain act-types. Leading contemporary virtue ethicists have not taken up Anscombe's challenge in justifying absolute prohibitions and have generally downplayed the role of rule-following in their normative theories. That they have not done so is primarily because contemporary virtue ethicists have focused on what is sufficien…Read more
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    The Mixed Constitution in Plato’s Laws
    Australasian Journal of Philosophy 1-18. forthcoming.
    In Plato's Laws, the Athenian Visitor says that the best constitution is a mixture of monarchy and democracy. This is the theoretical basis for the institutions of Magnesia, and it helps the citize...